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Jun 03, 2020

A&M on Pivot to Recovery: Agility – A Cure for a COVID-19 Supply Chain?

How does agility play a key role in a successful recovery for supply chains?

While the COVID-19 pandemic has created an ever changing environment and uncertain future, we’re seeing a shift in companies having a longer term view on how to position themselves for the future. Companies that are able to build the capability and agility to react to uncertaintly, rather than trying to predict the future, will find themselves better off and prepared for a successful recovery.

In this episode of A&M’s Global Webcast series, our leaders in Supply Chain and Sourcing share their perspective on what they’re seeing in the market and the three key elements that companies should be thinking about as they prepare for recovery: agility, risk mitigation and the competitive landscape. Watch here and reach out to the team if you would like to have a conversation.

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