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Apr 27, 2020

A&M Pivot to Recovery: The Public Company and the PE Perspective

Markus Lahrkamp, Managing Director

Service / Industry: A&M Rapid Results Program

What determines success as companies move from “Pivot to Cash” to “Pivot to Recovery” in a COVID-19 world?

In this episode of A&M’s Global Webcast Series, Managing Directors Markus Lahrkamp of Private Equity Performance Improvement and Ron Orsini of Corporate Performance Improvement, share their insights on the important action steps PE-backed and public companies should take now to ensure they survive the current lock-down and have a strong return to market once the lock-down is over.

Some key concepts that Markus and Ron address include:

Cash is King

  • Prioritize liquidity during every phase of the crisis
  • Link 13 week cash flow to Sales & Operations Planning
  • Bend the Fixed Cost Curve

“Clean Sheet” Approach

  • What are necessary vs. non-essential costs
  • What cash levels are needed to run the business
  • Many businesses will have to push the “reset” button to survive this crisis and come out ahead

Scenario Planning Is Critical

  • Your next move depends on your industry, your geography, your market situation
  • View the business through the customers’ eyes
  • Prepare for the worst, and adjust if it gets better


Markus Lahrkamp

Markus Lahrkamp is a Managing Director with Alvarez & Marsal Private Equity Performance Improvement in New York. He also leads engagements as part of the A&M Rapid Results Program™.

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