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Jan 11, 2021

Creating a Cash Culture: A CFO’s Guide to Leading in Uncertain Times

Charles Lowrey II, Managing DirectorChristopher Duggan, Managing Director

Service / Industry: CFO Services & Interim ManagementNew York, NY

As the pandemic continues to drive economic instability, it’s imperative that management teams, led by the CFO, focus on cash management to meet the unforeseen trials; weather the current crisis; and position organizations to invest in growth opportunities as the economy recovers.

CFOs have a unique position within the organization that allows them to drive the creation of a cash culture, arming a company with new strategies to bolster liquidity and meet extraordinary challenges in the current economy. A cash culture requires speed, intensity, and focus on improving liquidity in all aspects of the business and embedding cash flow optimization in all decision-making processes. The CFO must provide energetic leadership to ensure alignment throughout the organization; drive performance culture to increase cash flow and succeed in these times; and unite the management team and employee base behind this mission.




Charles Lowrey II

Charles Lowrey II

Charles Lowrey is a Managing Director with Alvarez & Marsal’s Private Equity Performance Improvement practice in Houston. He specializes in interim CFO and other leadership roles, performance improvement, merger integration, IPO readiness, liquidity and cash management, 100 day planning and execution and finance organization transformation in crisis and non-crisis situations.

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